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photo credit: Natalie Nguyen

Get ready for a grunge revival! Award-winning Canadian-Egyptian artist Sarah Shafey is back in the studio, reconnecting with her rock roots. She's co-producing the upcoming Alternative/Grunge/Rock album with Kyle Ashbourne and co-writing with Jess Boomen. This promises to be a powerful return to form, so keep an eye out for the release date! 

Shafey’s previous album, "Blackbox Universe" (2022), which she co-produced with Juno award-winning producer, engineer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist Hill Kourkoutis, explored new genres and was met with critical acclaim. This was followed by the catchy pop-electronic single "I'm Sick" in September 2023, which delves into the dark side of fame in a playful way.

From her previous four albums and a decade-long history in the Toronto music scene, Sarah Shafey has been praised for her sophistication and professional production. She’s been described as powerful, influential and independent, with each release receiving rave reviews globally.

She has mixed for bands across genres in her studio Squeaky Clean Records which has helped her personal sound evolve over the past decade from piano folk-pop, to pop electronic, to emotive alternative and grunge shoegaze rock. Along with her powerhouse team, Shafey has created a transcendent soundscape with her music confirming her talent goes far beyond one specific genre.

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